Thoughts on IWCE 2014 – A Futurist’s Opening

There was a lot going on at IWCE 2014 in Las Vegas. Here are some observations from the introductory keynote talk on March 26th, that stood out in my mind:

D80-8901 edit

The opening keynote was by futurist Daniel Burris. Among his statements/ideas that were rich “food for thought”:

  • “uncertainty leaves us powerless” but knowledge and analysis can reduce the uncertainty
  • things often move in cycles (think real estate prices) but there are also things which change in a linear fashion and which won’t be going back. One must recognize these one way developments.
  • “the future is all about relationships” and the past was too much about “need to know” information sharing.
  • there are two types of trends: soft trends that might happen and hard trends that will happen. It is important to be able to distinguish between the two.
  • “if it can be done it will be done  – if you don’t do it someone else will”.
  • “how can we use mobility to transform every business process?”

These sorts of questions got the audience thinking – there are no definitive answers but Burris did point us in the right direction and asking the right questions.


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