APCO 2014 – Tuesday Highlights

There was, as expected, a lot going on on at the APCO International 2014 Conference. On Tuesday August 5th the day started with the Distinguished Achievers breakfast featuring Captain Richard Phillips telling his harrowing story of being taken hostage by Somali pirates. The background story certainly was a good example of leadership. I was particularly enlightened to learn how prevalent piracy was in those seas and also how Captain Phillips had lead his crew through an exercise for dealing with piracy attempt, just five days before that became their fate.
After many hours on the trade show floor I ended the day with a presentation by Neil Horden of Federal Engineering.
The title of this presentation was “Planning a Successful Procurement”.
Among the key points made by Horden were:
– implement Project Management processes right from the start of the procurement process.
– in doing a needs analysis consider current needs that are unmet, current needs that are being met and additional future needs (i.e. beyond current capabilities).
– in presenting requirements be cautious of giving technical (rather than functional) specifications that tend to shift the risk to you and away from the vendor.
There were obviously many other solid procurement ideas presented but those were the highlights.


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