Inter-site Linking

Radio systems frequently are made up of multiple transmitting/receiving sites in order to provide coverage to the geographic area required by the users of the system.

For those multiple sites to act as an integrated systems, those sites must be linked together to be able to share information, both the actual traffic from the users and control signals by the system itself.

Sites can be linked together by a number of means, typlcally including:

  • microwave radio (either licensed or unlicensed frequency bands)
  • fiber optic
  • leased bandwidth from a common carrier

In choosing a means to link radio sites, one will have to consider:

  • cost (one-time and on-going)
  • bandwidth required reliability
  • susceptibility to interference (incidental and intentional)
  • security (of the link and physical facilities along the route)
  • availability of frequencies (for microwave links)
  • licensing restrictions and requirements
  • control and supportability
  • timelines for installation
  • distance and obstacles for line-of-site paths (microwave)
  • zoning restrictions (e.g. for microwave tower heights)

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